Nora Ubeda

I first came to yoga the summer of 2014 to find some physical balance (mainly stretching) with running and soccer. But after my first yoga class I was hooked! What kept me coming back was the beautiful way yoga was able to bring my attention inwards, to my breath, to my body, to my mind. It still, to this day, amazes me how this practice is able to develop such a sense of calm in my mind all while still challenging my body physically and mentally. When I moved to Vancouver for school I was so fortunate to find the wonderful community that is accompanied with Moksha Yoga East Vancouver. After my intro month I was captivated by the hot room, the community, and all the loving faces of teachers and students.  I instantly joined the ambassador team and 3 years later went to the L1 Moksha teacher training in Kelowna.  I am so grateful for where the journey has led me and for the peace the hot room has offers me throughout these years. I truly believe in this practice and I am thrilled to now be able to share it with the MYEV community!