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Kea Loeb

Kea grew up on a biodynamic farm in sunny Australia, where she developed her passion for health and the environment. Kea became an Occupational Therapist to further develop her love of anatomy and helping support others to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. After practicing yoga on and off over the years, she discovered Moksha East Van after moving to Canada in 2013. The welcoming atmosphere and accessible sequence felt safe and inclusive for all people, and led to her developing a regular yoga practice.  Kea felt a deeper connection between her body and mind and awareness of the impact her busy life was having on her physical and mental health. 

She joined the Ambassador program to become a bigger part of this beautiful community and soon felt that her natural progression was to deepen her practice through completing Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in September 2016. Kea loves blending her love of anatomy and yoga together, and encourages students to be curious and playful in their practice.  Most importantly, the amazing community of students and teachers at Moksha East Van constantly motivates and inspires her to dive deeper into the practice of yoga on and off the mat.

 When she isn’t at the studio, you can find her indulging her love of good coffee and great food with her husband in the East Van community, as well as creating vegetable jungles on her deck and teaching her cat to walk with a harness (ignore any kitty love bites on her hands and arms!).