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Ambassador Spotlight – Kari

Say hi to Kari! One of our stellar studio ambassadors. You’ll see Kari on Tues evenings making sure all the sweat puddles are mopped up and polishing the faucets. #saynotofingerprints

When did you start practicing at the studio?

I started practicing at Moksha East Van around March 2015, prior to that I’d practiced at Moksha St Catharines with my first Moksha class being at Moksha Yoga Edmonton!

What’s your favourite yoga pose?

My fave pose is most definitely Pigeon Pose! My hips and piriformis muscles are constantly so tight, I have a make belief theory that if I could be in pigeon pose for an hour a day, everyday all my problems would be solved. ALL MY PROBLEMS!

How has yoga benefitted your life?

Yoga has taught me so much it’s hard not to ramble on! It’s hi-lighted the importance of taking the time for myself and the benefits of accomplishment, it’s taught me that even in times of turmoil I can find my breathe and trust in my strength to get me through. Yoga has taught me how and when to soften and when to let go things that do not serve me, it has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and how to practice being present. Yoga has brought a true love of my body and an appreciation for all the things it can do for me. My practice has taught me to listen to what I need, to fight for more but also how to lighten up and slow down if needed, letting go of the need to prove myself all the time was a big one. My biggest takeaway is that like life, yoga is not a linear lesson – it is a continued practice! And it’s called a practice for a reason!

Besides the yoga classes what’s your favourite aspect of Moksha East Van?

I love the instant community that greats you at Moksha East Van. From the obvious smiles and greetings when you arrive, to the more personal convo’s you get into as the teachers get to know you or you find yourself discussing chalkboard comments with fellow students, or the most important when you find yourself surprisingly crying your eyes out when in Live Music Class the whole class softly sings Hallelujah during savasana and you realize that you’re not alone (and you’re not the first), everyone is there breathing with you silently supporting each other!

What’s your favourite cleaning job as an ambassador?

My favourite cleaning job is the showers, I think it’s the grossest job but all the more important that they get cleaned well and I’m a bit obsessive so keeping the stainless steel fingerprint and water droplet free keeps me busy.

What’s your favourite after yoga treat?

If it’s an eating treat I’m pretty good at getting those on the regular so I’d have to say my favourite after yoga treat is walking home as slow as possible, letting the calm accomplishment envelope me and trying to hold on to the softness I feel as long as possible.

What are you passionate about outside of yoga?

My biggest passion is riding my bike, I have a tracker on my phone and this year I passed 10,000 km! I also enjoy being outside, overindulging in all the treats, feeding crows, laying down and most importantly DANCING!

Where else do you hang out in East Van?

I live just off of Main street so I’m always trying to catch up on all the places to eat and drink. You’ll mostly find me with a latte walking the hood or with some brewski’s at Mount Pleasant Park.

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